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Continuing Treatment at R&R Recovery

At R&R Recovery we help each client identify their core issues, accept personal responsibility, and appropriately resolve existing issues, laying the groundwork that will allow for an inspired life free from addiction and co-occurring disorders. Addiction is a complex disease, and recovery requires time and commitment. At R&R Recovery, clients are immersed in an individualized treatment plan that aligns with their unique needs and leverages their strengths. Whether transitioning from a residential treatment program or seeking additional support for their recovery journey, clients participate in intensive outpatient treatment programs that focus on building the skills, resources, and tools necessary to maintain a lifestyle free from addictive behaviors.


A Wealth of Training and Experience

Regardless of whether a client is involved in outpatient/IOP treatment, the partial hospitalization program (PHP), the extended care program, or group therapy, they work with a team of highly trained medical and nutritional staff with more than 100 years of combined experience. Master-level clinicians, counselors, and educators implement diverse therapeutic approaches, evidence-based methodologies, and real-world activities to promote meaningful recovery. They understand the intricacies of addiction recovery and working with clients as they transition back into the community and face real-world challenges.


A Focus on Patient-Centered Care

No two clients are exactly alike, and their addiction treatment shouldn’t be either. There is not one “blanket solution” for recovery. R&R Recovery puts clients’ needs and well-being first, offering a multitude of therapeutic modalities that address physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual healing. Treatment leverages each individual’s strengths to find what works best for their ongoing care and to help them establish effective coping skills.


Quality, Comprehensive Treatment

Just because a client is engaged in outpatient treatment does not mean that they do not receive the same high-quality care as a residential program. R&R Recovery’s outpatient programs continue to incorporate individual, group, and family counseling, holistic therapies, twelve-step meetings, educational classes, and more in a structured, safe environment that promotes healing.
Clients are able to find what resonates best with their recovery and goals. They are exposed to a multitude of approaches in order to cultivate improved skills and decision making throughout all aspects of their lives. Addiction impacts virtually every facet of a person’s life, so it is essential to have a strong network of support and the right tools and resources in place to overcome challenges as they arise.


A Nationally Recognized Program

R&R Recovery is a nationally recognized program for outpatient substance use treatment. Offering outpatient/IOP, PHP, Extended Care, and Group Therapy, the center is able to meet the needs of diverse clients as they transition out of residential treatment or seek additional support to continue their recovery.

If you are ready to embrace a lifestyle of recovery and rebuild your life in sobriety, find out how the outpatient treatment programs at R&R Recovery can play an integral role in your journey. Get the support and guidance you need to keep moving forward and making healthy choices.


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  • Quin W.
    "This is one of the very few treatment centers that does things right all the way around. Clients are given personal and individualized care that goes way beyond what most facilities offer. If you are serious about recovery and getting your life back, there is no better place to go."
  • Chris M.
    "The experience here has changed my life and the lives of my loved ones. I've been to treatment centers all over the country and never had a treatment experience that not only helped me with the difficult beginning of early sobriety effectively, but really set me up to be successful in recovery and in life."
  • Kathy B.
    "As a mother of a loved one, this facility has been amazing. We have tried other facilities over the course of 5 years with no luck. This place has been the only facility that has made a difference. They care about today as well as tomorrow and helping you get your life back on track."
  • Michelle
    "My husband and I are so thankful for this program. Our son is a totally different person that we haven't seen in years. Our son has been to 8 different rehabs from the age of 14 through 23. This is the first place he has liked and was totally transformed by the program they offer. As parents, we were so tired and worn out from years of seeing our son suffer, this place is such a blessing. Ryan and all the staff were so kind. We are grateful they took a chance with our son. We highly recommend this place!"
  • Merritt P.
    "I am a mom of an addict. My son has been to a various number of treatment centers and this is one amazing treatment center that really cares personally about their populations recovery. They goes over and beyond. There are so many treatment centers to chose from and it can be overwhelming. I highly recommend that any parent looking for a center, or if even you are having trouble with addiction, this is the BEST place to go for help."
  • Jane P.
    "I am a "veteran" parent in this drug use disorder war, with many just adequate treatment centers over my son's last 7 years. Here's why I think this is a superior program: They are consistently smart, knowledgeable and progressive in their long-term views on treatment. Direct and solution oriented, there is always a positive, fun energy in this treatment program and it's apparent in everything they do. I am hugely grateful to this place and the people there that change lives."
  • Lucas W.
    "Very great place. They honestly care & show concern for their clients. Hands down, best place around OC to get on the right path in life."
  • Ryan T.
    "Amazing company and guys all around! If anyone is looking for help these are the guys to go too! They genuinely care about everyone there! They go out of their way to do anything they can to help you change your life around!"
  • Noah
    "These guys are the real deal. The owners are incredibly dedicated to helping people along their journey of recovery, and are super down to earth. If you’re looking for a quality clinical program in OC with a ton of compassion and just a honest understanding of the struggle—this is the place."
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