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Admission Process

R&R Recovery is an outpatient treatment program focused on providing adults with the personalized care they need to overcome addiction and co-occurring disorders and embrace a lifestyle of recovery. Through diverse treatment approaches, clients develop the skills and tools they need to effectively cope with challenges in their lives and work toward their goals free from the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Finding the Right Fit

Once clients have established a strong foundation in recovery, often through completing a residential treatment program, they may find that they would benefit from additional support to continue moving forward. R&R Recovery evaluates each client to determine which outpatient program would be the best fit for their needs and goals.

Whether participating in the partial hospitalization program (PHP), outpatient/IOP program, extended care program, or group therapy, each individual’s needs are carefully considered to create a personalized approach to care. This gives clients the best chance possible for long-term recovery.

Admissions Criteria

In deciding that R&R Recovery is the next step in their journey, clients must meet established criteria and adhere to the individual program’s policies and procedures. Outpatient treatment programs are open to:

  • Men and women between the ages of 18 and 65.
  • Clients who desire to make positive changes in their lives and are willing and open to continuing their recovery.
  • Clients with co-occurring disorders who do not have severe mental illness.
  • Clients who do not have a violent criminal history and are not sexual offenders.

Moving Forward with Treatment

If clients are a good fit for one of R&R Recovery’s outpatient programs, they work with a cross-functional team to evaluate their needs and create an individualized treatment plan. Staff will provide clients with an agreement that outlines all of the rules and expectations of the program, which must be agreed to and signed.

Since recovery is an ongoing process, clients’ progress is continually monitored and discussed. This allows for changes to be made as necessary to best support long-term recovery and healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Clients are empowered to make healthy decisions, take responsibility for their actions, maintain accountability, and reintegrate into the community and independent living.

Outpatient treatment is a valuable step in this process that provides a structured transition between a residential program and returning home. Many clients find that having the opportunity to discuss real-life challenges as they occur and receive guidance and support is beneficial in reducing risk of relapse and cultivating improved coping skills.

Take the next step in your recovery by engaging in an outpatient treatment program at R&R Recovery today. Find the personalized care, support, and encouragement you need to continue moving forward toward a substance-free life you love. Contact R&R Recovery today to learn more about the admissions process and get started.


Upon admission, our clinical team will create a personalized curriculum consisting of evidence-based treatment and psychotherapy, as well as a variety of holistic and experiential therapies. Our goal for you or your loved one is to continue overcome physical dependency and live a happier, healthier life. Our personalized approach to addiction treatment provides clients with an opportunity for a new beginning and the life skills necessary to thrive in this world while nurturing healthy relationships.


If you are entering our residential program, The Road to Recovery, we suggest you pack two to three weeks worth of clothing. We have on-site laundry facilities, so there’s no need to over-pack. Keep in mind the time of year you’ll be here, and the fact that you will be venturing indoors and outdoors depending on your level of care. The average temperature in coastal Orange County is typically between 75-85 degrees, but because we are close to the ocean, temperatures can fluctuate quickly, so make sure to pack clothes for both warm and cool weather, as well as items to layer and take off over the course of the day.  Use our lists to check off as you begin to pack. This will help you keep track of what to bring while helping to prevent you from bringing something you shouldn’t.


  • 2 weeks worth of casual clothing (washers and dryers available)
  • Jacket, hoodie, or heavy sweater
  • All personal hygiene products including, deodorant, bath soap, shampoo/conditioner, shaving supplies, toothpaste, toothbrush, personal hygiene products, contact solution, sunscreen, etc.
  • Bathrobe, slippers, and pajamas
  • iPod/portable music player—with headphones
  • Walking shoes/tennis shoes
  • Gym clothes and bag (shorts, workout shirt, running shoes, etc.)
  • Socks (several pairs)
  • Swimsuit
  • Blow dryer, curling/flat iron etc.
  • Cigarettes or Vape
  • Sweatshirt


  • Non-prescription medicines
  • Alcohol based mouthwash, isopropyl alcohols, or any items that contain alcohol
  • Over the counter (OTC) medications
  • Car or motorcycle
  • Unnecessary jewelry

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