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Effects of Drug Abuse on Social Behavior

There’s always a cause for sudden behavior changes and drug abuse happens to be a common factor in changes in social behavior. Find out why frequent use of drugs can not only cause antisocial behavior but the root causes of it.

Many people who battle substance use disorder (SUD) could also act in an antisocial manner. Poor impulse control, which can lead to risky behaviors like sharing needles with others and contracting HIV or hepatitis, is a feature of antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) or antisocial behavior.

This is because they feel that they are exempt from the rules, and people with ASPD may not give any thought to the potential harm that can be done to their bodies. They might try to hide their addiction, which would make their SUD worse and last longer. However, not everyone who has SUD also has ASPD, and not everyone who has ASPD also has SUD.

Antisocial Behavior: What Is It?

Antisocial activities are characterized by a lack of empathy and a disdain for other people’s rights. People with ASPD frequently see other people as a means to an end and often will manipulate them for their own gain. People who have an antisocial personality disorder typically exhibit the following kinds of symptoms:

  • Brutality, impatience, or impulsive actions
  • Persistent issues when it comes to completing responsibilities connected to relationships, job, or academic obligations
  • Has a habit of deceitful behavior that is ongoing, such as lying, cheating, or using fictitious names
  • A persistent lack of concern about the consequences of one’s conduct
  • Repeatedly carrying out illegal activities

While it’s usual for people to periodically enlist the aid of others to accomplish their goals, those with ASPS do so frequently. The majority of those who have the illness exhibit the aforementioned symptoms before the age of 15, with a higher likelihood of substance usage as they age.

A personality disorder can be the cause of antisocial behavior, albeit not everyone who exhibits the signs will have all the clinical requirements for ASPD. Since antisocial personality disorder’s form of selfishness and self-centeredness is virtually always dysfunctional, many people who exhibit selfish or self-centered behavior may not genuinely have the illness. An individual with a personality disorder can only be diagnosed by qualified mental health specialists.

Causes of Antisocial Behavior

While the precise etiology of antisocial conduct is unknown, a number of factors appear to raise a person’s risk of being antisocial. Genes, for example, can make you more susceptible to ASPD, and social circumstances, such as child maltreatment, can also cause it to manifest.

Additional causes and danger factors include:

  • Genetics
  • Gender
  • Early life experiences
  • Incarceration

Researchers are skeptical of whether addiction develops before or after antisocial personality disorder because it is connected to an earlier age of onset for drug and alcohol use. Younger people’s brain chemistry can be impacted by prior alcohol or drug use, which may result in the disorder.

Regardless of whether substance abuse causes ASPD, it does considerably worsen the symptoms and complicate therapy.

The relationship between Drug Abuse and Antisocial Behavior

Drug usage and antisocial conduct are closely related. According to studies, 16% of those with ASPD and 46% of those with substance use disorders also have personality issues. According to research, by the time they were 17 years old, 53% of persons with antisocial tendencies had attempted binge drinking, and 10% had tried hard drugs.

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