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How To Get Into Rehab: Admissions Process Guide

December 9, 2021

Getting admitted into rehab is a step in the right direction. This is the first step towards a lifelong journey of healing and recovery. It assures progress with the help of professionals and an effective accountability system.

However, some patients are hesitant to get admitted because they assume that the admission process is long and tedious. It starts with a phone call and a few simple and preparatory steps. We have prepared this complete guide on the step-by-step process of how to get into rehab.

How To Get Into Rehab

Make The Phone Call

Rehabilitation centers have staff manning the phone lines at all times. They are there to assist you with your admission needs. Dial the number of your rehab center of choosing and you will be connected to an admissions representative.

The representative will perform a general assessment. You will also be asked to provide basic personal information to fill up the admissions form. These include your name, birthdate, age, address, and employment. You will also be asked to give a rundown of your substance abuse history. Some guide questions include:

  • When is the first time you encountered substance abuse?
  • How long have you been dealing with substance abuse?
  • What caused your first case of substance abuse?
  • Have you ever had any attempts to treat substance abuse?
  • Are you undergoing a relapse?
  • What is the history of your mental health?
  • Do you have any co-occurring disorders?
  • Are you having a relationship or financial struggles?

You may feel hesitant to answer these questions as they feel invasive. However, providing the answers to these questions is important for your healing. The answers serve as a baseline on crafting your treatment plan. As such, your answers should be direct to the point and honest. Any inaccuracies can cause a setback to your healing journey. You also have nothing to worry about since these phone interviews are strictly confidential.

Inquire About Costs

The cost of rehab is a common hindrance for most patients. It is to be expected that the typical thirty-day admission should cost a few thousand dollars and that is completely understandable since it covers everything, from accommodations to medication.

The good news is that most inpatient rehab centers can be covered by insurance. You simply need to ask the admissions representative of your rehab of choice. There are federal- and state-funded treatment centers that are relatively affordable. However, you may need to check if you are financially qualified as these are only afforded to members of low-income families. Other programs cater to children, seniors, PWDs, and pregnant women.

Check The Location

It is ultimately better to get checked in a rehab center that is close to your home. This means that you can easily access your support system. This also helps reduce absences for outpatient treatment sessions.

However, out-of-state facilities may be beneficial, too. This allows you to access a new environment that is free of drugs, alcohol, and other bad influences from your past. You will be physically separated from your enablers which will help you heal without relapsing. The new environment can also give you a sense of a new beginning – a fresh start for your new life.

For out-of-state centers, make sure to compute the costs of moving out. This includes your airfare and the costs for shipping your luggage.

Go To The Center

Once you have finalized your arrangements, the next step is to proceed to the facility on your scheduled check-in date. Most facilities have a straightforward check-in process. The patient will be subjected to medical and mental health exams so that your care team can craft the perfect treatment plan for you.

Entering rehab can be scary and confusing. After all, it is a major change in one’s life. However, it is a necessary step to achieve sobriety. The admissions process is not as hard as some may make it out to be. With the proper preparation and guidance from the perfect rehab center, the process will be streamlined and seamless. Knowing what to expect can also help ease some of your anxieties about the process. 

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