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Why Do Parents Of Addicts Need Support Groups?

Drug addiction does not only affect the patient; it also affects their family and friends. Most people overlook how stressful these cases are for the parents of addicts. Parents often slip into negative thought patterns in which they feel the need to take on the blame for everything that happened. It is also a painful ordeal for parents to watch their beloved children fall into the pits of addiction. They deserve as much emotional support as patients since they are likewise victims of the situation.

Parents do not have the luxury to just opt out of their children’s recovery process. They are the pillars of family support and their presence is a huge asset for recovery. They need to be present because recovery is a long journey that is only made possible if the patient has a stable family support group. This may be challenging since addiction often results in distrust and broken hearts.

If you are a parent of a recovering addict, then you might be feeling a huge weight on your chest as you watch your child struggle through it all – the addiction, the admission, and the long recovery. We understand the pressure to remain strong at all times just so your son or daughter won’t feel neglected or abandoned. For this case, it is highly recommended to attend support groups for the parents of addicts.

Why Are Support Groups For The Parents Of Addicts Important?

Support groups are excellent resources for parents of addicts who have their own share of struggles throughout the recovery process. In these groups, the parents may come together with other parents experiencing the same plight. They get access to a safe and open space to voice out their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. Parents can exchange stories of what they have gone through, which often include stories of how they learned about their children’s addiction, the struggles the entire family faced, and the strains in their relationships with their sons or daughters. Listed below are some of the benefits of support groups for the parents of addicts.

They make parents feel less alone

Support groups help parents feel less alone which is important since addiction is an isolating disease. Parents may find themselves isolating in their negative thoughts and emotions. They may also feel pressured by the stigma surrounding addiction which will cause them to refrain from talking to their friends and peers. Support groups for the parents of addicts make them feel less alone so as to combat this stigma. They can listen to the stories of other parents and glean inspiration from how they fought to restore normalcy in their lives. These inspirational stories will also strengthen their resolve to support their child through recovery, no matter how hard it gets.

They change the parents’ misconceptions

Addiction is very much viewed in a negative light. Parents may wallow in their negative thoughts and feelings which may come out as resentment if left unchecked. Support groups allow them to redefine these thoughts and adapt a more sympathetic and compassionate stance. These support groups show them that their children are victims to the disease and that they deserve love and compassion. These groups also eliminate the stigma that states that addiction officially ends a person’s life. Recovery is very much possible especially if sustained with positive reinforcement, love, and support.

They help parents feel calm amidst the chaos

Support groups are safe and private spaces that serve as emotional outlets for parents. In these sessions, parents can freely express their thoughts and emotions without fear of being judged. Letting go of these negative feelings is a part of recovery. Without an outlet, they risk allowing these negativities to fester which may affect the way they treat their children. Over time, parents will become stronger support pillars which are exactly what patients need for successful recovery.

Examples Of Support Groups For Parents

Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, and Fam-Anon

These support groups are specifically for the families of the patients. Their founding principles are patterned after the 12 Steps that originated from AA support groups. Al-Anon is for families of alcoholics. Nar-Anon is for the loved ones of drug addicts. Fam-Anon is a UK-based version of 12 Steps support groups for families.

Step Together

Step Together is a UK-based family support group which is founded in conjunction with the 1st Step Recovery Café. The 1st Step Recovery Café is designed for recovering addicts. They later realized that the family members likewise need support throughout the recovery process which resulted in the birth of Step Together.

Family Drug Support

Family Drug Support is a family support group based in Australia. The organization hosts non-religious support meetings to cater to everyone who just wishes to talk about their experiences with an addicted loved one and hopes to be listened to.


AdFam’s tagline is “A place for families because you don’t have to use drugs to be affected by them.” Aside from organizing support group meetings, the organization’s website also hosts a wide array of resources that loved ones could peruse so they could gain a better understanding of the intricacies of addiction.

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