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Why Is Drug Rehab Accreditation Important?

Selecting a drug rehab for you or for your loved one is a challenging and overwhelming process. There are so many rehab centers to choose from and it can be difficult to take the time to assess each one, compare their features, research their success rates, compare their rates, and more. It is even more challenging to select one today since the digital era resulted in a rise in deceptive marketing techniques. There are a lot of credible and trustworthy facilities but there are also misleading rehab centers that you should steer clear of.

It is essential to find the best rehab center that suits your needs, especially since substance abuse is a prevalent problem that can negatively impact all aspects of life. With so many facilities to choose from, one way to narrow down your search is to take a look at drug rehab accreditation.

What Is Accreditation?

All rehab facilities are required to meet certain industry standards and state licensure requirements. After that, these facilities may undergo accreditation. They attain accreditation after they have passed a series of evaluations that allow them to obtain approval from certain agencies.

Accreditation involves a series of thorough reviews. The third-party agency will take a look at the programs offered which include drug rehab programs and therapy programs. The third-party agency will also review the business records to ensure that the business is legitimate and fit to operate in the industry. Even the client care program, staff, policies, operations, and safety programs will be thoroughly reviewed. Accreditation is a lengthy process that may even be expensive but it helps the consumers since it adds a layer of credibility to the center.

After successful accreditation, the drug rehab center will receive regular on-site visits as well as paper audits. Additionally, the staff will be trained to comply with the standards set by the agency. All of these will be compliant to privacy laws and other sensitivity programs.

Basically, an accredited program is proven without a doubt to be able to provide effective therapeutic treatments that aid clients suffering from substance abuse. The proof of accreditation may be included on the rehab’s website and other marketing materials to let clients know that they are perfectly capable and trustworthy of providing care to those who need it.

What Are The Organizations That Provide Accreditation?

Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) organization is a non-profit accrediting agency that focuses on dual-diagnosis and addiction treatment programs in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The organization covers 90 different types of programs. This organization has issued 25,000 individual accreditations.

Joint Commission (formerly known as JCAHO)

The Joint Commission is the largest accrediting body for medical facilities and hospitals, and the second largest for drug rehab centers. The Joint Commission has issued over 20,000 individual accreditations for health care programs and independent facilities.

Why Does Drug Rehab Accreditation Matter?

When you or a loved one are suffering from substance abuse disorder, then it can be challenging and confusing to pick the best drug rehab center that can cater to your needs. There will always be the risk of clicking on misleading links online that redirect you to rehab centers that are worse than promised. This will lead you to possibly commit to a center that may fail at giving you the medical care you need for recovery. What every patient needs is a center that can provide high-quality treatment that is backed by science and proven to be effective.

You may limit your search to centers that are accredited which indicates that the facilities have experienced professionals that meet the highest standards of care. Accreditation processes are also continuous and rigorous so you can rest assured that the information on the rehab center’s credibility is up to date. The accreditation can also be revoked if the center declines in terms of quality of service.

Here are other benefits of accreditation:

Insurance reimbursement for patients

Most insurance companies will take a look at the presence of accreditation to determine if the facility will be approved for reimbursement.

Safe environment

The third-party agencies will physically visit and inspect the centers to ensure that the patient has a safe and comfortable therapeutic environment to support their recovery.

Does Accreditation Guarantee a Successful Recovery?

There are numerous factors that come to play when it comes to successful recovery. The rehab center of your choice is just one of the many. The success is also largely dependent on the patient’s determination to get better and stay sober. However, an accredited facility definitely increases the chances of a successful recovery. Accreditation shows that the center is more than capable of meeting the client’s needs.

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