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Why Is Drug Rehab So Expensive? The True Cost Of Rehab.

It is no secret that drug rehab is a costly affair. Inpatient rehab for drug and alcohol use disorder may cost $5,000 to $50,000 per month. The costs vary from center to center. You may also find programs that are free especially if they are national programs.

Why Is Drug Rehab Expensive?

There are numerous factors to this. The factors that affect the price of rehab include:


Inpatient rehab is significantly more expensive than outpatient rehab. The patient will stay in the premises which means that they are paying for the roof over their head. This is beneficial for severe cases since this means they will be surrounded by medical staff 24/7. As such, the price racks up even further.

The patient has the option to purchase individual rooms or become roommates with fellow patients. Shared accommodations are cheaper. There’s also an option between shared baths and private bathrooms, in which the latter is more expensive.

Lastly, the location of the rehab center also directly affects the price of accommodations. Rehab centers in coastal Malibu or La Jolla will cost more compared to the rest. These luxurious centers are filled with extra amenities that will rack up the price even further. Others may have tennis courts, an exclusive hiking trail, and more. You need to consider if these features are actually imperative to healing.

Treatment Options

Each rehab center varies in terms of the treatment options available. Rehabs with more individual sessions are usually more expensive compared to centers that focus on group therapy and holistic treatment. It still depends on the recommended individualized treatment plan that the patient needs. There is no fixed estimated cost for the whole package since each patient story varies in terms of severity.

Professional Staff

This is related to the treatment plan that is recommended to the patient. Rehab centers are typically manned by counselors, clinicians, and other healthcare workers with years’ worth of experience under their belts. They are qualified to serve in such an environment simply because they put in the time and energy to reach the level of expertise they currently possess. As such, these capable hands are more costly compared to healthcare workers who are new to the field.

Resident Assistant Staff

The resident assistant staff can be viewed as the heart of every rehab center. They take charge of running the place and overseeing every single activity. They command medication disbursement, resident monitoring, and household tasks. They spearhead the operations that promote the clients’ healing and reintegration into society.

There are also rehab centers that invest in ongoing resident assistant staff training to ensure that their quality of service does not decline over time. The staff is also legally mandated to know how to administer CPR and first aid response in case of emergency. All of these are necessary to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for the clients.


A healthy diet is essential for a successful recovery. A healthy body translates to a healthy mind with balanced hormones and better control over intrusive thoughts, thereby lessening the risks of a relapse. Rehab centers prioritize preparing fresh, whole foods that are not processed. Most rehab centers emphasize farm-to-table foods.

The client can specify their diet so that the center can adjust to their preferences. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, kosher, lactose intolerance, or more, your preferences will be upheld. This may increase the fees in rehab but it is an important area that shouldn’t be compromised, especially if it helps the patient stay sober.

Transportation And Other Activities

Some rehab centers provide outdoor activities that will require the patients to be transported to and from the center. These shuttles may travel to the airport, the gym, or even medical appointments. This is a good service since it eliminates any inconvenience the patient may face while trying to organize their transportation.

At RnR Recovery, the patients are guaranteed to get their money’s worth. Our accredited facility is equipped with essential features and perfectly capable staff who can help our patients achieve recovery. Contact us today for more information.

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