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6 Signs Of A Successful Recovery From Addiction

Addiction recovery is a lifelong process. It is an arduous journey filled with ups and downs. However, the setbacks do not automatically mean a failed treatment plan. These should not discourage the patient from striving towards full independence from addictive substances.

When you are in the process of healing, you might be tempted to only look at your deficiencies. We all have natural tendencies to focus on the negative instead of being optimistic. To help you out, here are signs of a successful recovery from addiction. These signs will help you quantify your steps in the right direction so that you will be motivated to achieve full recovery.

Signs Of Recovery

Improved Aura

Experts say that you can sense a person’s recovery deep in your gut simply because of their improved aura. A person may seem calmer and less controversial. A good sign is if you willingly want to spend time with them and interact with them because they are pleasant company. They do not make you nervous nor do they cause stress or any discomfort.

Additionally, recovering patients seem quieter. They are a lot more introspective as they internalize their recovery process. They no longer boast of their experiences with addictive substances. Instead, most of what they say has value.

Surrendered To The Disease

Another sign of recovery is when a person has admitted that they are indeed sick and in need of urgent medical attention. Acknowledging that addiction is a disease puts them in a state of humility so that they will be more receptive to treatments. You will notice that a patient who is successfully recovering will no longer be in denial that they need help. On the contrary, they concede that they do and they do not resist treatment.

Improved Company

A patient who is truly recovering would have changed their friends. They will cut off ties with their enablers in the past. They will have a noticeably smaller circle of friends, usually consisting of family and close friends.

These individuals serve as their support system towards recovery. They will encourage a positive, addiction-free environment that is free of temptations. They also serve as an accountability system to keep the patient in line. The mere fact that they swapped out “bad” friends with the better company means that they are recovering.

Change In Environment

A patient who is successfully recovering may change their environment to fit their current healthier lifestyle. They might change their room into something brighter and more cheerful to encourage positive thoughts. Their house might be filled with furniture and other items that spark joy. Some patients may even become cleaner as they realize that their environment affects their stress levels and their mental health. As such, they will actively craft an environment that promotes happiness and wellness.

Willingness To Attend Treatment

The true sign of recovery is a patient’s willingness and openness to attend sessions that promote the continuity of their treatment. This includes attending AA meetings or Narcotics Anonymous meetings. They will also willingly show up for supplementary therapy sessions and other outpatient treatment plans.

Additionally, they will maintain close contact with their sponsor or accountability buddy. This means that they are in the stage of active healing. They no longer resist the clearly beneficial treatment. They no longer go against the flow or try to control every little thing out of their scope of power. Rather, they cooperate and surrender themselves to the process.

Stay Away From Hotspots

A recovering patient will make a conscious effort to avoid the hotspots that may trigger a relapse. These hotspots may include drug dens, bars, pharmacies, and other locations that enabled their addiction and other pre-recovery behaviors.

These are just some of the signs that a person is healing and is making the necessary steps in the right direction. Healing is never linear so a couple of setbacks are to be expected. However, the patient does not have to go through the relapses alone. Contact R&R Recovery for assistance in your loved one’s healing journey.

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